Our Products
Impact has emerged as one of the leading Standard Business Reporting (SBR)/XBRL solutions provider in Australia. Impact is helping some of the largest customers in Australia to build and integrate with the Australian Government SBR program.

We provide a range of SBR/XBRL services to integrate SBR solutions within your organisations to meet regulatory demands and reducing the burden of reporting.

Our consulting services will help you bring SBR/XBRL into seamless integration of your General Ledger, Corporate Reporting Management and Enterprise Resource Planning:
  • SBR/XBRL Report Production (Produce SBR/XBRL compliant information based on your organisations financial systems)
  • SBR/XBRL Readiness (Assess the IT readiness to implement SBR/XBRL and advice on implementation approach)
  • Extending SBR/XBRL for management and operational reporting
  • SBR/XBRL Tagging and Matching
  • Integrating GovReports API (Integration)
  • GovReports (Organisation implementation and integration)
  • Project Management (Based on a time and material basis)
  • SBR/XBRL Implementation Project (Deliver initial deployment of SBR solution)
  • SBR/XBRL Business Intelligence
  • Report Design Service
  • XBRL/SBR Report Consultation (Assess organisation-SBR agency relationship)

Our innovative solutions and best of breed technology, Impact can offer a comprehensive set of services designed to help clients measure, analyse and optimise business performance across entire enterprise in order to improve decision making, regulatory compliance, financial and risk management.